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Oct. 30th, 2009

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Well the time is coming for me to need to buy a new computer. My poor almost 4 year old Macbook pro is getting to the point where it becoming out dated. It runs perfectly fine, there is nothing wrong with it really it just does not preform as well as I need it to.

I'm thinking of doing a special commission rate to help me pay for a new comp.

So for once I'm finished my current commissions I'm going to open up for special $5 badges and $15 full color commissions, 10 at a time until I raise the money for the computer.

I will also be taking special commission prices on fursuit pieces.

The following are the prices (prices do not include shipping):

I will take pre-orders now but i will not be starting them for two or three weeks. I will not ask for any money untill I start the commission. For art commissions I will ask for the total up front but with fursuit commissions I will ask for 30% up front to pay for supplies, the rest will be asked for before I ship out the product.

Current total: $105


Oct. 24th, 2009

Crisis averted!

Well the car trouble was a near miss. It ended only costing me around $10 to fix the breaks on my car. It turns out that the parts will still under warranty, except for the pad, that cost $10. The clincher was that if I had driven my car an additional 5000km the parts would not have been under warranty and I would have had to pay for a whole new break assembly, about $500.

I was really scary to think that I would have to spend all the money I had to make my insurance, rent and car payments to get the thing fixed. I'm really glad that things worked out this time. Not to sound like an emo bitch but I was really beginning to loose hope that my life would ever get back on track. And though I'm not back to where I was before I got laid off my job, things are begginning to look up for me.

I want to thank all of you for your support and help. I am still taking commissions though, I need to put some money away for just such an emergency.

Its through all of you commissioning for art that I am able to have any money to myself. the money I get from the government almost all goes to rent, car and other expenses. I just want to thank you guys for giving me the option of being able to go out and do things and be a part of my local fur community (I have to drive about an hour from home to attend most meets and events)

Thanks everyone I love you all!

Oct. 22nd, 2009

Fuck! Damn! Doubleshit!

Well fuck...

It seems that the brakes on my car might be totally shot. They are making a constant high pitched squealing sound that doesn't go away as long as the car is moving. Great...

I seriously feel like crying right now, theres so much shit in my life I can barely take it.

Just when I thought that my life was getting back on track, now I have a possibly very expensive repair for my only means of transportation. The thing is I don't have the money to pay for the repairs. I might have to cancel my convention plans for the next YEAR! FUUUUCK!!

My car only has 40k km on it! My brakes, yes need new pads and possibly and adjustment but a constant sqeel that doesn't go away as long as the car is moving is a serious problem. I'm hoping that my warranty will cover it but fuck I hope that I don't have to spend all my convention money on my f-ing car!

In that case I'm gonna offer some cheap commissions to help me pay for this repair.

All commissions can be either adult or clean.

So heres the new commission prices: (click on the name for an example)

Oct. 18th, 2009

OMG Sock Feet!

So I finally got around to finishing the sock feet I started last week. These are so f-ing awesome, they move with my toes and look so real (well as real as they can). I'm very proud of these they are so much fun to wear and comfy and warm (great in this cold weather).

I'm definatly going to be wearing these as much as I can. they're not the best for wet weattheroutdoor wear but they kick ass as dry weather/ indoor feet. This photo does not show the pads that double as paw pads and treds that keep the fur on the bottom from getting wrecked. The cool thing is you can also wear regular strap sandles as well (not flipflops though). they are so AWESOME!

So I'm liking these so much I'm offering commissions on these at a start price of $50. Just send me an email at dragonmanmike@gmail.com

For more info on these paws see my furaffinity entry!

Oct. 15th, 2009

First Post weewt!

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